2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will

A man before leaving for work, left a letter on the dining table for his wife. Chores around the house kept the woman from seeing the letter until about 12 noon. When she finally chanced on the letter she was so excited to see that her husband had taken time to write her a letter. She kissed the paper when she saw “my beautiful wife” at the top,
hugged it when she saw “I love you with all my heart” at the bottom, and sniffed it when she realized it smelled of her husband’s perfume. Out of excitement, and without even bothering to read the content of the letter, she made up her mind to cook him his favorite meal for dinner that night. She quickly rushed to the kitchen and got to work.

After cooking and setting the table, she went to the wash room and took a shower, put on her most attractive night gown and dressed the bed. Just as she was about to finish laying the bed her husband walked into the house. When she heard him come in she went out to welcome him. To her surprise, her husband was very furious when he saw her. She became very confused and asked why he wouldn’t even let her welcome him with a hug but instead have that angry look on his face. The husband asked, “Did you read the letter I left you on the table?” The woman responded, “Oh yes I saw it. That’s why I went through all the trouble to prepare your favorite meal for you. Thank you so much honey, it was sweet of you.” She leaned in to give him a kiss but he pushed her away to her surprise.

The husband went on, “If you did, then why haven’t you done any of the things I instructed you to do?” The man went inside and came out again quickly with an already packed suit case. He headed straight for the door and said to his wife, “See you in 7 days.”

The woman stood there confused but before she could utter a word, the door had slammed behind him. She went back to the dining table to take a second look at the letter. It read:

“My beautiful wife, My company has asked 4 colleagues and myself to go on a seven day trip to Dubai for a training program. They said that we can bring along our wives and I thought this will be the best opportunity for us to have the honeymoon we never did after we got married. I have already packed a suit case for myself, so please pack yours. Our flight leaves at exactly 7 pm so I will be home at 6 o’clock for us to go to the airport. No need to cook dinner since there will be food on the plane. Just be prepare to go as soon as I get back. Please be ready before I get back so we
don’t miss the flight. I Love you with all my heart.”

I bet you thought this woman was unwise when you realized her mistake as you read this piece. Well unfortunately this is the state of many Christians in the Body of Christ today. We have accepted Jesus as our Lord, and are excited about being children of God and the fact that He will come back again for us one day. But we have not taken into account what He expects us to do before His return. This is because our Bibles are closed. We have read a few scriptures in the Word and are excited about promises but have completely ignored most of his instructions.

You do not know a man if you do not know His Word. How then do we profess to be married to a groom whose word we have relegated to the background in the pursuit of signs and wonders. Unfortunately what many don’t know is that the Word is the power for signs and wonders, so if we go for the word these things we are chasing will chase us.
Let us pay attention to His letter, which is the Word of God. It will draw us close to His desire for us and enable us to walk in victory over this world and it’s challenges.

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