2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will

Who We are:

The Evangelism/Follow up department of Covenant Parish, is a group with the mandate of reaching out with the Gospel to the lost. We also extend a hand of loving fellowship to strengthen and encourage brethren in the faith. 

Our Vision:

In this joint department, our vision is to become like Jesus Christ, the way He was on the earth, with special emphasis on reaching out to people like Jesus did. Therefore our aim is to purposefully use our resources to show the extraordinary love of Christ in the church and to non-believers. In order to achieve this vision, we concentrate on sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of God and resurrection of Jesus Christ by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our Strategy:

The methods to reach this purpose are for instance by organizing evangelism events in capital area and also through other platforms. However, the main emphasis is laid on having meaningful and interest arousing discussions with non-believers. Apart from evangelizing, this department is responsible for contacting first timers in church and the members of the church who have been absent from church. By doing so the members of the department engage themselves in sharing the love of Christ with sisters and brothers in church.

You can join Us:

An active church member can join the department by informing the ministry leader about their interest towards becoming a member. She'll discuss with you about the necessary steps to take in order to become a member of the department.