2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will

The Women ministry of Covenant Parish aims to develop the total woman. It deals with the issues of women and it is aimed at enriching the life of women spiritually, physically, socially, maritally and materially as well.

This ministry empowers women and promotes the health of women. The ministry is made up of women of different ages, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. It is made up of all the married women of Covenant Parish. The group meets ones in a month to pray and to study together in an atmosphere of love and fellowship.

By the grace of God, the ministry has succeeded in changing many women’s lives and characters have been changed by the Word of God. Many women have become total women and full of strength. The group gathers together to learn different skills from each other as they blessed with different occupations. The group focuses on renewing and strengthening the life of women and more especially, re-birthing the life of those who has been disappointed and hurt by divorces and different challenges.
Another vision of this ministry is to help the single women according to Titus 2:1-15. The Victorious women ministry has been an outstanding body in Covenant Parish. Carrying out the Great Commission by reaching out to women outside the church is a vital role the group plays. With Proverb 31 Virtuous Woman model the group hopes to win Finnish women to Christ.

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