2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for downloading and using Covenant Parish App. As a result of popular feedback on the ease of use and accessibility of the COVENANT PARISH app, we have done a total redesign of the app and the way it works. We have also released the app for iPhone and iPad users (more on that later). Don’t worry, you will still have your favourite contents. We have added several new features to the app. Some of the exciting new features include a Bible with several translations right inside the app, and a directory to help Pastors and Ministers carry out their responsibilities smoothly. To enjoy these cool new features, you need to UPGRADE your app. As a result of the total change in design and operation of the app, this UPGRADE may not delete the previous version (in some android phones). If this is the case, you may have to manually uninstall the previous version. You can update immediately by clicking UPGRADE TO NEW VERSION. See you on the upgraded side.

God bless you,

Design team.


*If you have already upgraded, please ignore this message

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