2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will

2018 is our Year of The Word of God


This year this month, God's word will be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path in Jesus name, Amen.

Remember that this is our year of THE WORD OF GOD. As we stand firmly on God's word, results shall be inevitable. It shall be unto us according to God's word in Jesus name, Amen.

Welcome to the Month of December, 2018

Today is the last Sunday of 2018. This month has been tagged "OUR MONTH OF "REJOICING IN THE LORD".

 Bible passages:Philippians 4:4, 1 Thessalonians 5:16, Luke 2:10 TLB, 10:20b, Psalm 5:11, Zephaniah 3:14, 9: 9, Habakkuk 3:17-18.

Weekly Activities

  • This week, we shall not be having Bible Study on Tuesday. Prayer meeting will hold on Thursday by 7pm.
  • Tommorow - 31st December 2018, we shall be having our crossOver service. Time is 10pm. Please do the following in preparation:
    • Make sure every member of your family is in attendance
    • Invite your friends
    • Write a prayer list of things you want God to remove from your life and things you want God to add to your life
  • After the Service today, everyone should please should join hands with the Sanitation department to clean the church premises.
  • Prayers for pregnant women and expectant mothers holds every Sunday immediately after service. Please immediately after the Service, join Pastor Henry in the office.
  • Next Saturday, 5th January is Ministers' meeting. Please all minister should take note.

Upcoming Events

  • Next Sunday being the first Sunday of 2019 will be a special thanksgiving service. As our custom is, we are expected to dress beautifully as we give thanks to the Lord for the new year.
    • There shall be opportunities for testimonies, so please begin to register with the ushers already!
    • Remember to prepare a befitting thanksgiving offering.
  • Next Sunday as well, the Family of our Brother Wildred and Sis Joice will be dedicating their daughter unto the Lord. Please rejoice with them as they celebrate.

General Notifications

  • We can begin to redeem our family pledges made in May during our Anniversary/Family Thanksgiving service. We can do so till the end of this year. Please pay to Sis Adebukola Owolabi.
  • The Ministers’  Prayer meeting holds every Sunday morning by 10:30 am. Please, all Ministers should take note and endeavour to be on time.
  • Workers' meeting holds every Sunday morning by 11:00 am. Please, all workers take note and endeavour to be on time.
  • Let us all learn to be our brother's and sister's keeper. When you notice someone is missing from Church, please call, message and or visit them. God bless you as you do so in Jesus name.
  • We have an extra parking space in Kallionkujan päiväkoti. The address for the päiväkoti is Lansankallionkuja 1. When driving from Kilo towards church, it is the junction immediately before the church junction. When driving from Nihtisilta it is the turning to left immediately after church junction.
  • The 2019 calendar will be available next week Sunday. We have produced only few copies this time around. You can prebook with the ushers already. Its 15 euros as usual!
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