2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will



This year, as we trust God totally and yield to Him in absolute obedience and surrender, so shall we walk and dwell in diverse and innumerable abundance of our God’s blessings in Jesus name

Welcome to the Month of March 2023

Today is the tenth Sunday in the year 2023.

This month has been tagged “My month of THE KINGDOM OF GOD”

Bible passages: Mathew 6:33, 16:19, Luke 12:32, John 3:3

Weekly Activities

Today is the 1st Sunday of this month of March and we are presently in our Thanksgiving/worship service. You are welcome into His presence.

Our E-tracts and salvation video clips are published on a weekly basis. We implore everyone to use them on individual’s social media platforms and personal spaces.

We thank God for the completion of the 50 days prayer and fasting for the year 2023. We pray that we will march through this year and beyond in the victory, power and anointing that the Lord has released upon us to do greater exploits in His Kingdom in Jesus name.

For now, we will be having one mid-week service, alternating between Bible study and prayer meeting. This week, we shall be having our Bible study. we shall continue with our book study of Isaiah. The time is 7pm.

Starting from this week Tuesday on the 7th of March, the children’s department will be showing the movie “The Chosen (life and ministry of Jesus on earth)”. The movie will show twice in a month, on every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Children from 8 years and above are invited. Parents, please help bring the children for this special events.

The Children department teachers will be having their prayer retreat on Saturday the 11th of March, 2023. The theme is CHAMPION RAISERS and the time is…….

Our house fellowship holds this week on Thursday the 9th of March. The address is Isännäntie 1B. the time is 6pm.

Upcoming Events

We would be having our special Teenagers’ service on Sunday the 12th of March, 2023.

The first Workers’ Meeting of the year will hold on Saturday the 18th of March, 2023. The time is 5:30 pm.

Our Prayer Weekend will hold on Saturday the 25th through Sunday the 26th of March, 2023.

  • Theme: Do Not Waste Your Day.
  • Text: John 9:4
  • Saturday 25th: 5pm- 6:30pm.
  • Sunday 26th: 11am

The Sanitation department will be having their retreat on Saturday the 1st of April, 2023 here in the church hall.

  • Theme: The zeal of the Lord’s house.
  • Time:

Our Easter Sunday service will hold on the 9th of April, 2023 here in the church hall. The time is 11pm.

Expository teaching for the month of April will hold on Thursday the 13th through Friday the the 14th of April, 2023. Further details will be announced later.

The Teenagers’ all night prayer and movies will hold on Friday the 21st of April, 2023.

The RCCG Europe Region 7 will be having her Ladies Conference on Friday the 28th thrp
  • Theme: Carriers of His presence
  • Venue: Riga Island hotel, Latvia
  • Time: Conference starts on Friday 28th at 3pm and ends on Saturday the 29th at 5pm.
  • Accommodation: covers bed and breakfast; single bed (€40), double bed (€24), daily delegate (€5)
  • Registration and payment details link: https://forms.gle/92E1bVV9RkEJB5ad6

Night vigil for the month of April will hold on Friday the 28th of April, 2023. More details will be announced later.

YAYA Europe Summer Youth Camp will hold on 27th-30th July, 2023.
  • Theme: I-KNOW (Romans 8:28)
  • Venue: Germany
  • Registration fee: 200€, which covers both feeding and accommodation for three days.
  • There are three phases of registration:
  • Early Bird: 150 euros until April 30th
  • Mid Registration: 180 euros until May 31st
  • Late Registration: 200 euros until June 30th.
  • Link to register: https://yayaeurope.org/register
  • Check the flier for the venue and other important details!

General Notifications

As we must have noticed, the chairs in the church hall now has new covers. The Sanctuary keeper department wishes to implore we parents to ensure that our children does not write nor eat on the new chair covers.

The software training for the teens and youths kicked off on Saturday the 11th. Parents, please remember to drop and pick your children from the training. For more information please see brother Emmanuel Afolabi.

Nursing mothers, please remember to use a separate plastic bag placed in the female toilet to wrap up your children’s used diaper especially the one with poo before putting it in the big trash.

If you have prayer requests, you can submit them to the prayer box in the church’s corridor anonymously or with name. The prayer department will pray about them.

Parents please remind your children to bring their bible to church always. This is to establish and encourage in the children the lifestyle of coming to church with bible.

Ministers’ and workers’ meeting holds every Sunday morning by 10:30 am in the church hall. Let us endeavour to come on time.

Let us all learn to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper. When you notice someone is missing from Church, please call or message them. God bless you as you do so in Jesus name.

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