2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will



This year, as we surrender our wills to God’s will and absolutely yield ourselves to the becoming process, may all we do bring down and establish His kingdom in our lives and here on earth in Jesus name.

Welcome to the Month of March 2024

Today is the ninth Sunday in the year 2024.

This month has been tagged “OUR MONTH OF DIVINE INTERVENTION “

Bible Passages: Psalms 72:12, Isaiah 41:10-20, Revelation 12:13-16, John 11:43-44

Weekly Activities

Today is the 2nd Sunday of this month of March and we are presently in our Teenagers’ service/worship service. You are welcome into His presence.

Our E-tracts and salvation video clips are published on a weekly basis. We implore everyone to use them on individual’s social media platforms and personal spaces.

The Gideon men will be having their monthly meeting today by 5pm. Details will be posted on their platform.

For now, we will be having one mid-week service, alternating between Bible study and prayer meeting. This week, we shall be having our Bible study. We shall continue with our book study of Isaiah. The time is 7pm.

Järvenperä house fellowship will hold this week on Thursday the 14th of March at Isännäntie 1B 6, Espoo. The time is 6pm.

The first workers’ meeting for year 2024 will hold this week on Saturday the 16th of March, 2024. The time is 5:30pm. Workers take note.

Upcoming Events

The Victorious women will be having their monthly meeting on Sunday the 17th of March, 2024 at sis Joy Odudu’s residence by 5pm.

Matinkylä house fellowship will hold on Wednesday the 20th of March at Rantaharju 10D. The time is 6pm.

EspooKeskus house fellowship will hold on Thursday the 21st of March at Reviisorinkatu 3B 16, Espoo. The time is 6pm.

The Children department teachers will be having their retreat come Saturday the 23rd of March. More details will be announced later.

The Vantaa house fellowship will hold on Sunday the 24th of March at Karhunkierros 1C. The time is 5pm.

Our PUSH and vigil for the month of March will hold on Thursday the 28th till Friday the 29th of March.  More details will be announced later. 

Our Easter Sunday service will hold on 31st of March by 11pm.

Our Prayer conference (Prayer Marathon) for year 2024 will hold on Sunday the 28th of April, 2024. More details coming soon.

EUROCON 2024 holds from Thursday the 11th – Friday the 12th of April 2024 at Baloncesto Fuenlabrada Pabellon Fernando Martin, 28943 Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain. Please book your flight.

The RCCG Europe Mainland Region 7 Women annual conference will hold this year on Friday the 3rd to Saturday the 4th of May, 2024 at Sweden. Speakers are mama Caroline Adebayo-Oke and mama Abiola Olushola.

General Notifications

If you have need for chairs from the church, please contact bro Tosin Ayeni so you can sign the necessary forms before taking the chairs.

Concerning the building project vows we made last month, please remember to give back the vow papers to the ushers if you have not done so. Also, let us start redeeming the vows as soon as possible. May the Lord bless us as we do so. If you are yet to make a vow, please ask the ushers for details so you can be a partaker.

The School Of Discipleship 2024 session is ongoing at Hosanna Chapel, Helsinki. Interested members should please contact Pastor Henry.

Dedication certificates are ready for issuing. If you have not received yours, quickly send your details to Pastor Henry through WhatsApp.

  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Child’s name
  • Date and month of dedication

There is a 4 bedroom property situated at Suvela here in Espoo. The landlord wish to rent it out to 4 people that could share the rooms. The rent is 1,600 euros per month. If you are interested, please see Pastor Henry after the service.

Another round of Workers-in-training is ongoing. If you are interested and yet to register, quickly do so with sister Chidi Okoro.

Our baptismal class for year 2024 will commence soon, those interested should enroll with brother Emmanuel Afolabi.

If you have prayer requests, you can submit them to the prayer box in the church’s corridor anonymously or with name. The prayer department will pray about them.

Parents please remind your children to bring their bible to church always. This is to establish and encourage in the children the lifestyle of coming to church with bible.

Ministers’ and workers’ meeting holds every Sunday morning by 10:30 am in the church hall. Let us endeavour to come on time.

Let us all learn to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper. When you notice someone is missing from Church, please call or message them. God bless you as you do so in Jesus name. 

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