2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will


Remember that this is OUR YEAR OF KNOWING GOD MORE

This year, this month, as we journey on, may we know Him the more and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings and be made conformable unto His death in the name of Jesus.

Welcome to the Month of July 2020

Today is the twenty-eighth Sunday in the year 2020.

This month has been tagged “OUR MONTH OF GRATITUDE TO GOD.”

Bible passages: Psalm 34:5, 84:11, 91:4, 100: 4-5, 107: 21-22

Weekly Activities


Today is the 2nd Sunday of this Month of July. You are welcome to our worship service.

As you are aware, The government of Finland has permitted group meetings of 50 people. Therefore, the church has resumed but with special guidelines. The guidelines can be found on the members’ WhatsApp platform and here in general notifications. Details of every meeting will be communicated through Whatsapp and Facebook.

The Teenagers fellowship holds every week on Wednesdays via zoom. Details of the meeting will be communicated via the group’s and the church’s platform.

We thank God for the successful completion of the 2020 summer E-conference of the Europe Mainland Young Adult and Youth Affairs. We pray that we continue to grow in the strength and might of the glory that has been unveiled to us and do greater exploits in the kingdom of God here on earth.

For now, we will be having 1 midweek service, alternating between Bible study and prayer meeting.

This week, we shall be having our Prayer meeting.

  • On Tuesday, we shall be having our prayer meeting here in the church hall. The time is 7-8 pm.

Our PUSH edition for this month holds this week from Thursday the 16th – Friday the 17th July 2020.

  • Theme: Thanksgiving for His mercy (Ezra 3:11)
  • Time: 7-8:30 pm
  • Friday: communion service

Upcoming events

Gideon Men’s meeting for this month of July will be a special get-together for all members of the group. It promises to be fun and exciting.

  • Date: 12th of July, 2020
  • Venue: Mr. Sindibad restaurant
  • Address: Tinurinkuja 4, Leppavaara
  • Time: 5 pm

Our PUSH edition for this month will hold from Thursday the 16th – Friday the 17th July 2020. more details coming soon.

General Notifications

Please, remember to fill up the vow leaflet. Write your name on it and return to the ushers once you’re done. If you don’t have a copy, ensure to ask the ushers for one.

Ministers’ and workers’ meeting holds every Saturday evening by 7 pm via Zoom. Details of every meeting will be communicated through our WhatsApp platform.

Let us all learn to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper. When you notice someone is missing from Church, please call or message them. God bless you as you do so in Jesus name.

The government of Finland has permitted group meetings of 50 people. Church resumes today but with special guidelines. Here is a list of guidelines to follow so our church is safe for worship.

  • Church resumes on the 5th of July, 2020. The service will start by 11 am till 1 pm (2 hours). This will be a Special celebration service tagged “the triumphant reentry”.
    Note that the service will start by 11am on the dot. So please come early so you can get ready in time.
  • Automatic dispensers: At the church entrance and in the toilets, there will be automatic dispensers. Wash and disinfect your hands immediately you arrive. An usher will be on hand to give directions. Please listen to him/her.
  • Patience: Patiently wait your turn at the corridor to hang you jackets, etc. The area is small and we still need to have some form of distancing.
  • Church seats: The seats in the church hall will be arranged in a way that encourages social distancing. The seat next to you will be at least 2 meters away. Please do not make any adjustments to the sitting arrangement.
  • Shaking hands: Avoid handshakes as much as possible. Disinfect your hands afterwards if you do.
  • Children: Children of 6 years and above will sit in the adult church while age 5 and below will be in the children department. This is done to encourage distancing among the children as well.
  • Live broadcast: We will continue to broadcast our services and use zoom to encourage the participation of those who may be unable to make it to church.
  • Mid-week services: We shall hold one mid-week service per week, alternating between Bible study and prayer meeting.
  • Toilet use: Wipes will be provided for the toilets. Wipe the surfaces of the seat and toilet fixtures before and after use. Remember to wash & disinfect your hands.
  • Face masks: Face masks and hand gloves will be available for older members (age 50+) and anyone who may be interesting in using them.
  • Toys: Children’s toys in the children department will be taken away for now.
  • Offerings: All our givings (offerings, tithe, etc) should be done preferably online for now using the church’s account details. Please ask if you do not have the details. You could give cash if online is impossible for you.
  • Snacks & food: Our “after-the-service-welfare package” (snacks, food, drinks) will be on hold for now.

Note: These modifications and provisions are not to create any fear in us or add to any existing fear rather it is to play our part as individuals and as a responsible organization in inhibiting the spread of the virus and as well ensure that we meet up with the guidelines for reopening of churches. May the Lord heal our land completely in Jesus name (amen).

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