2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will

2019 is our Year of All-Round Dominion

This year this month, every place the sole of our feet shall tread shall be given unto us in the name of Jesus.

Remember that this is our year of ALL-ROUND DOMINION. We are dominating on every side in the name of Jesus.

Welcome to the Month of February, 2019

Today is the second Sunday of  February 2019. This month has been tagged "OUR ABUNDANT GRACE".

Bible passages: Ephesians 2:8, Titus 2:11-12, 1 Corinthians 15:10, 2 Corinthians 8:9, 9:8, Romans 5:17b, 2 Timothy 2:1

Weekly Activities

  • We had our workers' retreat yesterday. We want to appreciate all the workers who were in attendance. All those who have not gone through the workers in training should wait after the service for a brief meeting with the Asst. Pastor. Those who want to join the workers' group can also join the meeting.
  • This week, we shall continue our study of the book of Judges  on Tuesday but there shall be no prayer meeting on Thursday because of our New beginning Prayer conference!
  • This week, we shall be having our NEW BEGINNING PRAYER CONFERENCE. It starts on Friday 15th by 17.30.  Theme is "The Power of His Grace" The flyers have been made available to our social media platforms. Please pray and plan to be there. Invite your friends and neighbours.
  • The Gideon Men's monthly meeting holds today by 5pm at Bro. Odudu’s common room. The address is  Joupinmäensyjrä 4 B41, 02760
  • After the Service today, The Victorious Women should please should join hands with the Sanitation department to clean the church premises.
  • Prayers for pregnant women and expectant mothers holds every Sunday immediately after service. Please immediately after the Service, join Pastor Henry in the office.

Upcoming Events

  • The annual RCCG Fast started on Friday, January 11, 2019 and ends on Thursday, February 28, 2019 (49 Days). The prayer points have already been posted to the members' whatsapp group.
  • The Victorious Women's meeting for the month of February will hold on 17th Feb. 2019 at Sis. Joy Odudu's home. Time is 5pm and the address is  Joupinmäensyrjä 4 B41,02760

General Notifications

  • The Ministers’  Prayer meeting holds every Sunday morning by 10:30 am. Please, all Ministers should take note and endeavour to be on time.
  • Workers' meeting holds every Sunday morning by 11:00 am. Please, all workers take note and endeavour to be on time.
  • Are you a nurse or a nursing student in search for a part time job? If yes, please see the Asst Pst after the service.
  • If you are also in need of a job without any qualification, please also see the Asst Pastor.
  • Let us all learn to be our brother's and sister's keeper. When you notice someone is missing from Church, please call, message and or visit them. God bless you as you do so in Jesus name.
  • We have an extra parking space in Kallionkujan päiväkoti. The address for the päiväkoti is Lansankallionkuja 1. When driving from Kilo towards church, it is the junction immediately before the church junction. When driving from Nihtisilta it is the turning to left immediately after church junction.
  • If you took a copy of the calendar, please remember to pay for it. It is just 15 euros per copy!
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