2024: My year of His Kingdom and His will

The state of affairs in the United States of America has been heavy on my mind. I think about their President, Barack Obama, I think about the presumptive Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and I remember that on no account should we trust man, not even the highest placed men in society. Why, you may ask? Becasue they always change! Less than 6 years ago, both President Obama and Secretary Clinton were strong advocates for biblical marriage, today, they are the strongest voices for the LGBTQ community. What would have caused such a radical change in their view? Your guess is as good as mine.

I am not attempting to single out Obama and Clinton as the bad peas in the pod; I am actually saying all the peas in the pod look exactly the same. We all change. We change our minds about things, people, desires, etc; we change our minds faster than there is time to say “change”. We lie, we cheat, we renege on our promises, our character can only be compared to flip flops. Humans Change period!

Do you also know that the so called facts of science keeps changing? My high school biology text is no longer a valid text book. In fact most of the so called facts in the book have either been updated or discarded. Laws of physics are constantly being fine tuned. Our understanding of the universe is constantly changing. Nothing seems to remain the way they were! Even technology changes! Do you know that your phone has more processing capacity than the ‘super computer’ of the 70s? It was called super 30 years ago, today it cannot even be called ‘basic’. To therefore build a life in total dependence on man, science or technology is foolish to say the least.

What about God? Have you ever heard that He needed an update?

What about God? Have you ever heard that a greater one has been discovered?

What about God? Have you ever heard that He changed His mind and His principles?

What about God? Have you ever noticed a Change in His Character?

What about God? Have you ever heard Him lie?

What about God you ask? Listen, God is not a man period! He is not given to our flip flops. He doesn’t need our approval ratings. He doesn’t change His views. He doesn’t go back on His promises like our politicians. He doesn’t need an upgrade. He doesn’t need an update. He doesn’t need to be revised. There is no revised edition of God. You see, God is God all by himself, He is in a class of His own.

The Bible says “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” James 1:17. To live a life of trust and total dependence on God is wise. It is wiser. It is the wisest decision.

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