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Home work 9th July, 2018


It was so nice to meet you all! Oli todella mukava tavata teidät kaikki! I hope our group still grows!

The address I gave to you is not yet working, so this time I’ll send the homeworks and what we learnt through hotmail. So these are for Wednesday.

Tervehdykset: Moi! Moikka! Hei! Terve! Hyvää huomenta! Huomenta! (Good morning!) Hyvää yötä! (Good night!) Say these actively aloud and to the people you meet. Next time we learn some more greetings.

Alphabets in the copy: Put circle to vowels with one colour and to consonants with another. Read the words many times. Alphabets are said in Finnish like this; read them many times:

A (Aa), B (Bee) (not as ii, but straight ee), C (cee), D (dee), E (ee), F (äf), G (gee), H (hoo) (as in “hei”), I (ii), J (jii) , K (koo), L (äl), M (äm), O (oo), P (pee), Q (quu), R (är), S (äs), T (tee), U (uu), V (vee), X (äks), Y (yy), Z (tset), Å (oo), Ä (ää),  Ö (öö)

Write down how you say the names of you and one of your family members name as letter by letter.

Example: Maaria (äm-aa-aa-ii-aa) Rantanen (är-aa-än-tee-aa-än-ee-än)

Vowelshttps://areena.yle.fi/1-558334 Listen and practise ?

Here you can load the Ahaa!1 pages also to yourself (lataa näytesivut) https://finnlectura.fi/oppimateriaalit/ahaa-1

Nähdään keskiviikkona! See you on Wednesday!

Terveisin/ Regards,


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