April 2017 - OUR MONTH OF "SERVICE UNTO OUR GOD". Joshua 24:15, Romans 12:11, Acts 17:25, John 12:26, Revelation 7:15, 22:3.

This is the online notice board for the church. Find roasters, snippets, quick information, etc.


Date Prayer Session Open Heaven
2nd April, 2017 Pastor Henry Okoro Sis Helen Musa
9th April, 2017 Sis Favour Sesay Sis Joy Odudu
16th April, 2017 Bro Sijuola Olarenwaju Bro Isaac Osana
23rd April, 2017 Sis Adebukola Owolabi Sis Laura Odi
30th April, 2017 Sis Uju Nze Sis Abiola Taiwo
Week Digging Deep Faith Clinic
1st Week of April, 2017
2nd Week of April, 2017 4th April || Romans 15:14-33 || Pastor Henry Okoro 6th April || Sis Jennifer Eke
3rd Week of April, 2017 PUSH PUSH
4th Week of April, 2017 18th April || Question & Answers || Pastor Emmanuel Osana 20th April || Sis Lisa Nurmilaukas
5th Week of April, 2017 25th April || Romans 16:1-16 || Bro Emmanuel Sunday 27th April || Sis Betty Bawack
Date Officiating Teachers
2nd April, 2017 Sis Ayo Ogunbowale, Sis Oyinola, Sis Divyne Osana
9th April, 2017 Sis Lisa Nurmilaukas, Sis Helen Musa, Sis Sera Teku
16th April, 2017 Sis Divyne Osana, Sis Serah Teku, Sis Ayo Ogunbowale
23rd April, 2017 Sis Lisa Nurmilaukas, Sis Serah teku
30th April, 2017 Sis Ayo Ogunbowale, Sis Helen Musa
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